Packaging & Ecommerce: Workshop at Elisava

One more year, I have been delighted to teach the Packaging & Ecommerce workshop in the Master in Packaging Design of Elisava – Barcelona School of Design and Engineering.

This hasn’t been just another year at all. The health global crisis has forced this time to go online. However, surprisingly, the results have been extraordinary once again. Innovative branding and packaging solutions for this commercial field, always in constant evolution (this year, in total revolution).

¿What are the packaging needs and opportunities in the online channel? ¿How can brands take advantage of this changing context to be relevant?

From this approach, the working groups created innovative proposals from a cross-sectional focus: from the business plan, through the discourse and visual personality of the brand, to the user’s packaging experience

Featured projects: Eterna Reliquia (by María Benavides, Carmen González and Sabrina Osorio); Tecelas de Tocoiós (by Ana Marques and Blanca Cobos); Lua-Lua (by Angie Moreno and Susana Isaza), Apus (by Dalila Arrighini, Marco Chiriboga and Nicolás Angarita), and Aguanegra (by Lesley Melissa Batista and Mar Sánchez-Morate)