Bego Viñuela

A personal brand.
An artisan discipline that speaks of emotion and beauty.

In the case of Bego Viñuela, her personal brand had to reflect not only her capacity as a calligrapher, but also her characteristic style that permeates her work. She is a vivacious and spontaneous person with an exquisite taste for beautiful things.

The search for a suitable concept to transmit these qualities was very interesting as it took place in the organic forms traced by her own hand. Thus it was necessary to choose the calligraphy that best represented the distinctive values of her work, and then to refine its shapes and thicknesses so that it would work as a robust and versatile logo, yet remaining fresh and organic at the same time.

Finally, we defined the graphic language of the brand and its representation in different forms and settings, namely the colour scheme, typography, photography and textures.      Photography: Marta Etxebarria