La Noche es Joven

Empathizing with the “evil” of the story to create a potent icon.

La Noche es Joven (The night is young) is an initiative of the Santander city council that through an ample program of activities, proposes wholesome entertainment alternatives to young people.

To create the image of the last edition, we opted for channelling the attractive values of the event in a character that engages with the young viewer on an emotional level. To this effect, we take inspiration in the popular iconography where throughout fairy tales and fables, the fox has always been the sly and mischievous nocturnal animal. A nod to the subversive character with whom the young ones often want to identify themselves.

We represent our fox as an emblem that works as a recognizable icon. It is complemented with a truly fresh lettering and a vibrant colour palette that flees the more standardized chromatics.

Espacio Joven – Ayuntamiento de Santander