Foros. School of Architecture

Disorder as method

Foros is a program of public participative lectures at the School of Architecture of the International University of Catalonia (UIC Barcelona). Each year a relevant theme in architecture is suggested for Foros, and reputable professionals are invited to bring in their vision and to exchange knowledge with the students, professors and other guests.

To give this event its own identity, we looked into the concept of the open, the alterable, an object in transformation. When one is in the process of debate and reflexion, the normal thing is not to see a conclusion, a logic connecting the pieces, but instead a disorder consisting of interrelated concepts in motion. This apparent chaos is a rich breeding ground of which at the end grand ideas emerge.

Project for Eva Estudi

The graphic outcome that we present is a permeable image born as a photographic collage that can also be converted into a brand as required.

It is a liquid identity composed of geometric forms, letters and colour, that are combined differently each year to present a new and unique version.